Car Trouble


A short comedy about gas mileage, marriage, money and murder, but most importantly about customer service.

Jimmy and Cindy, a married couple, run of gas on their way to Vegas to deliver a “package” for Cindy’s brother.  The “package”, a mafia hitman, turns out to be more than they can handle and they have to rely on the “On Call guy” Frank to rescue them.

I play Jimmy in the film. We shot out in the desert somewhere in the deep valley. I got to work with a lot of great veteran actors and talented up and coming film makers. The shoot was very quick, dirty and tres tres windy. The sound department were geniuses.

Below are some more clips from the film.

“He is certainly not buff.” Clip with Robert Craighead and Kristen Condon.

20 questions. Clip with Kristen Condon and Michael Monks

Car Trouble on IMDB

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